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How do I purchase/buy a firearm, handgun, or pistol in Minnesota?

If you want to purchase a handgun in Minnesota you must obtain either a Permit to Carry or a Permit to Purchase. To get a Permit to Purchase you must apply in person to the police department in the city in which you live and bring a valid Minnesota driver’s license or identification card with your current address. If your city does not have a police department, then you must apply with the Sheriff’s Office in the county that you reside. Application for a permit to purchase is below.


How do I apply for my Permit to Carry in Minnesota?

Since 2003 Minnesota has been a “shall issue” Permit to Carry state. This is often times confused with Concealed Carry but there is actually no requirement to conceal your weapon in Minnesota (even though it may behoove you to do so). By taking your Permit to Carry class with Midwest Carry Academy, you can apply for your Minnesota, Florida and Wisconsin Permit to Carry.

Minnesota: Upon taking the course bring your certificate of completion, application fee (varies per county but is between $60-$100 for a 5 year permit to carry) and photo ID to your local Sheriff’s office. You can either print out the application below, or fill out the application when you arrive at the sheriff’s office. You will then fill out and submit your application with your certificate, filing fee, and government issued identification. Filling out the application is a very quick process and should take no more than 20-30 minutes. Upon submitting your application you will receive your permit by mail within 30 days.

View the Minnesota Carry Application Form

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How do I access my certificate?

Once you pass the course, your certificate will be sent to your email. Check your spam folder as well. You can also send us a message us, click here, and we will be happy to help!