Private and Small Group Carry Classes


Seventy percent of people who buy handguns get them for self-protection. One in three of those weapons sits in a drawer or is locked in a gun cabinet. They are no use if you don’t have experience with the safe operation of your firearm.


You’ve had the best of intentions to learn how to operate and maintain your weapon. When you first bought it, you intended to everyday concealed carry. But your life is so busy that you never got around to it.


We’ve got you covered. Our trained, experienced instructors provide both group and private carry classes. We’ll help you qualify for a concealed carry permit in your state.


We’ll show you the skills you need for everyday carry. With our help you will be able to make maximum use of your firearm for self-protection.


Contact us today to put together a unique shooting and instruction experience, prices start at $50/hr.


Here’s a look at additional trainings we offer: Private Handgun InstructionHome Defense Consultation, Special Occasion Private Instruction.



Midwest Carry Academy