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Currently Minnesota’s Permit to Carry is honored by 24 states; Wisconsin’s covers you in 26 states; and Illinois is honored in 17 states(subject to change). Our Permit to Carry course is multi-state in that it will allow you to apply for other states permits as well such as the Florida non-resident or Arizona non-resident permits to name a few. Obtaining one of these non-resident permits in conjunction with your home states permit greatly increases the number of states in which one could carry concealed

We now offer a “hybrid” training option for your MN permit to carry course. This allows you to take the classroom portion of the course online from the convenience of your home and schedule to attend just the shooting qualification.

You can learn more about our Hybrid training course and sign up by clicking the orange “sign up for hybrid course” button on the right above our course schedule.

Midwest Carry Academy offers Minnesota Permit to Carry courses (also known as Concealed Carry course) at various locations throughout the Twin Cities metro. Our Concealed Carry class is one of the most comprehensive classes available anywhere, and is a multi-state course allowing you to apply for not only your MN permit, but other states permits/licenses as well such as the Florida or Arizona non-resident permits to name a few. A concealed carry reciprocity map illustrating the states you can carry in after taking our Permit to Carry Course is found on our home page.

Our course is taught from the ground up so even those with little knowledge on the subject matter are welcome. Our Permit to Carry class is a great first step that leads into other firearms training we offer such as our Handgun Essentials courses. It is approximately 6 hours long; consisting of 5 hours of classroom time and approximately 1 hour of range time. Periodic breaks will be taken during the class. We cover various topics including, but not limited too: applying for your Minnesota Permit to Carry, reciprocity, where you’re prohibited from carrying a gun in MN, laws regarding use of deadly force, firearms safety, awareness, and more. During the shooting qualification students will be required to demonstrate SAFE and proficient use of a handgun.

The classroom portion of the course also contains an overview of shooting principles/fundamentals, efficient weapons handling, and a range safety brief. The remaining portion of the class is a shooting qualification to ensure that students can competently and safely manipulate a handgun.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an endorsed certificate, allowing you to apply for your permit with your local sheriff (additional permit application fee will apply). This Minnesota Concealed Carry training also allows you to apply for the non-resident Arizona and Florida licenses. Appling for these licenses is done through Arizona DPS and the Florida DOJ.


Multi-state Permit to Carry Course is $79.00. This includes: Multi-state permit to carry course, classroom materials, must bring your own gun/range equipment/ammunition.

If you would like to rent a gun for our Permit to Carry Course qualification we have them available at most classes. We have the following handguns to choose from:

  • 9 mm Glock 19 – $15 (not available at all locations)
  • 9 mm S&W M&P – $15 (not available at all locations)
  • 9 mm S&W M&P Shield – $15 (not available at all locations)

Range fee for the shooting qualification test is not included and is $20 payable before your qualification

Rental fee includes ammunition to complete the shooting qualification.

We also offer a Multi-state Permit to Carry Course All-Inclusive Package, this will include everything you need for completion of your qualification; Range equipment, gun, ammo, etc. The All-inclusive package is $175.

CANCELATION POLICY: Midwest Carry Academy abides by a 24 hour cancelation policy. If you give us more than 24-hour notice, we are more than happy to reschedule you for another Permit to Carry class. Failure to provide 24 hour notice will result in forfeiture of any vouchers, coupons, deposits or payments. Contact us to re-schedule. We are now having everyone sign up on our NEW website National Carry Academy.


Upcoming Classes

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