Welcome to midwest carry academy


Midwest Carry Academy, now merged with National Carry Academy, was founded upon the principle that every law abiding citizen should exercise their right to bear arms and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a responsible armed citizen. We want to provide individuals with the knowledge and training necessary to begin the process of becoming that responsibly armed citizen. Midwest Carry Academy offers permit to carry(also sometimes referred to as concealed carry) courses and a catalog of other continuing education courses. Our core is, and always will be continuously seeking out knowledge and taking what we learn and executing it in consistent training. We take this seriously when it comes to not only the many ways in which we teach, but also in holding ourselves to high standards and treating ourselves as students.


We offer Permit to Carry courses(sometimes called Concealed Carry courses) in Minnesota, and Wisconsin. In addition to our permit to carry training courses we also offer a catalog of other courses for continued skill development. We can provide a wide range of firearms training focusing on subjects like basic shooting principals, concealed carry, low light/no light environments, vehicles, home defense, etc. We also offer private instruction that can be tailored to your skill level and specific goals in a one-on-one or small group setting